Poly Bag, 18"x24", 4mil, Blue
Tint, VCI, 500Perfd/rl,
Indivually Boxed

Product #: PB18244VBLEACH

Volume: 0.00366
Weight: 0.101


blue tint VCI,500 POR,Ind. Boxed
14 x 14 x 32" 4 Mil Gusseted Poly Bags
  • Films are transparent and heat sealable and provide the combined benefit of barrier and anti-corrosion protection in a simple to use form.
  • VCI films are made from high-tech resins, utilizing cutting edge extrusion technology.
  • With proper usage of VCI poly, metal parts can remain corrosion-free for years of storage.

Price: $0.59

Price: $0.59