Pad,6X9X.25,6 boxes of 10=1
CS (60 pads), 10 pads = 1 box
#86/#616 Cleaning Heavy Duty,

Product #: N616BOX

Volume: 0.2
Weight: 0.8


Pad,6X9X.38,#86/#616,Cleaning Heavy Duty, Green,6 boxes of 10=1 CS (60 pads), 10 pads = 1 box

Non-Woven Hand Pads
A complete offering from non-abrasive polishing pads to aggressive, heavy duty cleaning pads. Hand and utility pads are made from a non-woven, nylon fiber web that can be surface coated or completely impregnated with abrasive grain and bonded with synthetic resins. The unique manufacturing process produces a uniform dispersement of abrasive grain throughout the web for consistent coverage.

Dark Green: 86/616 Clean and Scour / Heavy Duty
Excellent coarse grade pad for removing excessive grease and burned-on foods from pots, pans, ovens and broilers, as well as removing rust and corrosion.

Price: $9.56

Price: $9.56